Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Some bows to share with you....

Here are a few bows that I made recently......this first one here, I made for brat #3 to wear to preschool.....she's all about bible verses right now.....I like to use any and all ribbon that is pretty for my bows....the pink ribbon I used for the base bow is a wire edged ribbon and I considered removing the wire for about a second, but I just love how it stands up and holds the loops so well that I decided to leave it in! Below you'll see the second version.....we just couldn't decide which ribbon we liked best so we bought both!
This cute bow was made for my little K-state fans! I knew there was actual K-state ribbon flying around out there somewhere, but I couldn't find it anywhere! So, being the impatient person I am, I used all the purple and white ribbon I could find at the moment (again, I used floral ribbon for the base here, love how stiff it is!) Of coarse a week after I made these lovlies I found loads of K-state ribbon at the store. I made some pony-o thingies for brat #2 with that....I'll post those later!
Here's our "ladybug" bow....I know they look a little smooshed in the pic..........that's what happens when the brats wear them constantly and it's also the reason I starch all the bows now! LOL!
And this one here has to be one of my favorites!!!!! I just love the "dogs rule" and the pawprint ribbon on this one! All my brats can wear this one to school to show there school spirit! I even made the cutest pillowcase dress to match! I'll post that later too! GO BULLDOGS!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you like what you see! I make these to match every outfit the brats have. I made a new set yesterday to match an outfit for brat#3....also in a later post! Have a great day!!!!!!!

Warning: These bows are BIG!!! Most people who like these bows, don't buy them due to their size.....They are supposed to be a little oversized and I'm trying to make some smaller ones. I also have some pony-o, hairstreamer thingies that the older girls seem to like as well!

One last thing........These photos are courtesy:Brook Stewart Photography
This girl is a wonderful photog! She's takes the best dang pics I've ever seen!!!! Thanks bunches girlie!!!!!


  1. These are fab!! We need them in every color!!
    What is the price??

  2. Thanks! Show me the outfit and I'll make the bow to match.....the BIG ones are $10 for one, $18.50 for the set....

  3. These are cute! Always love to see what you've made for brat #3

  4. Wow thats a great price!! I'll get you pictures!! Thanks!