Friday, June 26, 2009

orders and a free bow!!!

I finished a couple of orders yesterday and made a couple of new really cute bows while I was at it too! I'll post pics tomorrow!

O.K. So, either no one is reading this blog or no one is paying attention to the fact that I'm giving away another bow!!!!! (read the end of the "inventory" post) You only have a couple of days left!!!!!! ;)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm a dork!

Most of you that know me, know that I'm no computer wiz. (so if you see any mistakes or weird stuff going on here, it's cause I have no idea what the heck I'm doing! LOL!)

Anyways, I was trying to check my posts for mispellings and to make sure I had all the right pics ( I did use a couple of the same pics in the inventory post and left out 1 or 2. must have clicked the wrong ones!) and what not and realized that if you click on the pictures it gives you a real close up of it! Did you know that???? I thought that was so cool! Huh, you learn something new everyday!

Ok, I'm done now! LOL!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My newest bow

I made this bow the other day when I got Granny Brat's box in the mail! I love this ribbon. It feels so cool....I'vv been trying to think of the right word to describe it but I just can't get the right one.....tapestry, maybe??????

oops, I almost forgot....this is a 5" double bow. The ribbon does have wired edges and for this one I left them in so they would stand up bigger, but I could have just as easily pulled them out. You know me, the bigger the better! I think I have enough for another set! $7 or 2 for $12.50
I'd like to thank our newest model. She's the daughter of a friend and is here alot. I think we'll refer to her as Brat #6 from now on! ;) Thanks sister! You did a wonderful job and the bow looks great on you!

more yummie-ness.....

or how about my personal faves...polka dots?????


This first one is a piggy set for H.R. (lovin the flip flops, btw)Here we have a pony and a piggy set for A.H.

(emporia state, I believe!)

And this is a set for a couple of sisters for K.N.
I hope you ladies like them!

Red, White and Blue!

New ribbons

YUM! Polka dots! My favorite!
I've been trying to get my hands on this "Jesus loves Me" ribbon for months! Oh, and that striped and dotted pink and green stuff just makes me think of watermelons!
Are those ballet shoes??? and flip flops???? FUN!!!! and I'm also loving that fun rainbow-y striped stuff too!
Ooohhh, I thik these are my new favs! Owls, ladybugs, cute little farm animals, flowers, and dinosaurs! I made Brat #3 a pillowcase dress that would match those dino's perfectly! Uh, I'm in ribbon heaven here!!!!!!

What do you think guys? See anything you like????

A list of my inventory????

A lot of you have asked if I could put a list of all the ribbons I have, on here. As much as I'd like to whip one up for you, I wanted to show you exactly what I'm working with last count there were almost 400 different rolls of ribbon!!!
These first two pics are my "base" ribbons, 1 1/2" or larger....

These are most of the solid colored 7/8" ribbons
Here we have the "bulldog", "sports" and "holiday" ribbons

And these are the "patterned" and "specialty" ribbons

I hope you can make some of them out....for now. I'm really going to try to get more individual ribbons on here for you but for now this is gonna have to work. If you need it I probably have it and if I don't, I'll get it. Just let me know what it is you are looking for and I'll do my best to make it.

FYI: I'll be surfing through the comments of this and the next few post and will be picking a lucky person at random to receive a free 4th of July bow in your choice of style! So get to posting! The more you comment, the more chances you'll have to win!!!! Good luck!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Pics coming soon.....

I've got some pics to post on here of some of the new ribbon I got last week! Wanna sneak peek? I'll tell you about some of them! There was some flip flop ribbon, one had ballet shoes, there were a few rolls of cupcakes, and some flowery ribbons too. This isn't all of them, just a few of my favs! I also have my orders all caught up and will post pics of them too!

The 4th of July is just around the corner, do you need a bow or two so your little Brat can show off her patriotism? I've got red, white and blue and flag ribbon! Some styles are limited so email me soon to get the best selection! **********

Monday, June 15, 2009

Still here! LOL!

Hi everyone!!!!!! Just wanted to let ya'll know I'm still here and will be posting some more bows next week. It's been a little crazy here lately. I started feeling better and then I had to take an emergency trip to Michigan last week. But I'm back and am getting everything back in order so I can get back to making more bows. I have a few orders that I need to finish also. They should be finished by the start of next week. I just got a TON of ribbon from Grandma Brat and I'm so excited! So keep checking back for more bows!!!!!!!!!